Glazing Options

Sliding Sash Solutions - Glazing Options

Our comprehensive overhaul and service package offers a wide array of solutions, starting with the replacement of any glass panes that are cracked, broken, or damaged in any other way. Importantly, recognizing the varied needs and preferences of our clients, we offer a diverse selection of glass options to suit different requirements.

Specifically, for those prioritising safety, we provide toughened safety glass. This type of glass is engineered to break into less harmful fragments, significantly reducing the risk of injury. Alternatively, in environments where security is of utmost importance, we offer laminated security glass. This glass is notable for its ability to remain intact when shattered, thus providing an additional layer of protection.

Additionally, in situations where noise pollution is a concern, our acoustic noise-reducing glass emerges as an ideal choice. This glass is specially designed to diminish external noise, fostering a more serene and tranquil indoor environment. Moreover, for those who value traditional design, we offer traditional etched glass, which imparts a timeless and elegant flair to any setting.

For clients who aim to retain the historical essence of their properties, we supply recycled period glass, adept at preserving the vintage charm of older structures. In a similar vein, for those desiring an artistic or decorative touch, we provide leaded lights, capable of adding a distinct and personalized aspect to your windows.

Furthermore, catering to those who seek energy efficiency and contemporary comfort, we specialize in crafting modern double-glazed gas-filled units. These units are not only effective in enhancing thermal insulation but also play a role in reducing energy costs. We take pride in our ability to produce these replacement double-glazed windows with precision, ensuring they replicate the existing details of your windows and seamlessly integrate with the original aesthetic of your property.

In summary, our overhaul and service offerings are meticulously designed to cater to a broad spectrum of needs, ranging from augmenting safety and security, to preserving historical authenticity, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Glazing Options

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