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• Virtually eliminates draughts
• Eliminates rattles
• Reduces outside noise levels
• Increases energy efficiency which in turn reduces heating bills
• Increases security
• Reduces air pollution
• Ensures that sashes can be opened and closed smoothly and with ease
The biggest benefit of replacement windows is not the fact that they are double glazed but the fact that there is no air leakage around the perimeter of the window. There is no doubt that double glazed units increase the thermal efficiency of the windows, however, the biggest increase in comfort levels occurs as a result of there being no air leakage. At Sliding Sash Solutions we install our Solutions Brush Pile System™ into your sash windows, which will eliminate gaps, making it easier to maintain a comfortable room temperature and resulting in more efficient use of energy.
Typically it takes one day to overhaul, service and install our Solutions Brush Pile System™ into one or two sliding sash windows.
Whilst your windows are being serviced a small amount of disruption due to noise, dust and opening to the elements is unavoidable. However, great care is taken to ensure disruption is always kept to a minimum. All work is carried out from the inside and dustsheets and dust extraction equipment are used. After completion of work, the room will be vacuumed and left tidy.
At Sliding Sash Solutions we offer a five-year guarantee, to cover the Solutions Brush Pile System™ and any associated repairs.
A deposit of 20% is required when placing an order. The balance is due on completion of the works.
Yes. At the end of each day all windows are left either completed or fully secure.
Yes, our unique system is suitable for listed buildings and conservation areas where replacement windows are deemed unacceptable. Listed Building consent is generally not required.
Your original sash windows contribute significantly to the character of your period property, an historic building starts to lose its integrity when any part of its original fabric is replaced. The original stone, wood and glass are usually of better quality than their equivalent modern materials and once removed, these hand crafted windows are lost forever along with the appearance of your home. By installing the Solutions Brush Pile System similar benefits such as noise reduction, draught proofing, greater performance and increased comfort levels can be achieved without the need for unnecessary replacement. Repairing, servicing and improving your original windows is almost always a more economic option than complete replacement. Wooden windows have been refined, tried and tested over centuries of use, and remain the most environmentally friendly, versatile, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing window frame yet to be invented by man.
It remains a common misconception that wooden window frames are troublesome to maintain and that PVCu windows are durable and value-for-money. However, properly coated and periodically painted wooden windows will last for a hundred years or more, current generation PVCu has an average life expectancy of eighteen years.
Yes. Sash windows can be reinstated to your property even if the original boxes have been removed. We can stylise your window to a classic design or arrange the replication of specific detail. We will match any mouldings or beads to the originals by inspecting an existing sash window or by matching with original sash windows in similar neighbouring properties. All our new windows and doors exceed the requirements of the revised document L (October 2010) of the building regulations.
Yes. The Solutions Brush Pile System ™can be installed into all period timber windows and doors.

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